Man performing a squat in front of unbreakable mirror

During the height of DIY season in the UK, searches for unbreakable mirrors grew by more than 350%.

There’s no real surprise in that. Unbreakable mirrors have so many different uses across so many different settings, both around the home and in a commercial setting.

They also still feel like a bit of a hidden secret.

In this blog, we will delve into what unbreakable mirrors actually are and look at a few scenarios in which you will often see them used. 

Firstly, what is an unbreakable mirror?  

Picture a mirror. Any typical household mirror that you would find around your home, like in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room – mirrors that are likely to break on impact.

Unbreakable mirrors live up to their name, defying the fragility of their namesake. These ‘mirrors’ are crafted from lengths of stainless steel sheets that are applied with a polished finish and built to stand the test of time and mishaps. They retain the strength of the metal but the polished finish gives it a reflective quality akin to that of a traditional mirror.

That durability makes unbreakable mirrors useful in several different scenarios, enriching gardens, interiors, and architectural landscapes alike, providing robust solutions, or even removing blind spots.

But are unbreakable mirrors actually unbreakable?

You might wonder, “Are these mirrors genuinely unbreakable?” 

Absolutely! Unbreakable mirrors are made from stainless steel sheets with a thickness ranging from 0.9 to 2 millimeters. The reflective finish is the only distinguishing feature from standard stainless steel sheets. 

So, if you think you can break stainless steel, we invite you to put it to the test. Its durability is unmatched, ensuring your mirrors remain intact for years to come.

Unbreakable mirror on road

Three ways unbreakable mirrors are used

Now we know what they are, let’s take a look at a few ways unbreakable mirrors can be used… starting with the garden

1. Unbreakable mirrors make for great garden cladding

Particularly for areas within the garden that don’t get as much exposure to the sun as others, unbreakable mirrors are a perfect solution. 

By cladding fences with these mirrors, sunlight reflects into previously dark corners, creating the illusion of more space and adding an elegant touch to your outdoor sanctuary. By reflecting those rays, it also ensures other plants you may be growing get the same exposure from the sun that they otherwise wouldn’t.

While traditional glass mirrors would shatter with the first storm or heavy gust of wind, unbreakable mirrors can withstand the UK’s unpredictable weather

2. Gym form, safety, and selfies

As you’re watching yourself lift weights or complete that rep or complete that dance routine, it’s likely that you’re doing so through an unbreakable mirror.

These shatterproof mirrors are a natural fit in gym and exercise environments where accidents can happen. Beyond that, though, the reflective element gives them a dual benefit in a location where people like to watch their progress during high-energy workouts or intense routines.

There is a safety element to consider here, too. Placed strategically, unbreakable mirrors offer enhanced visibility, reducing blind spots and ensuring trainers can monitor form and technique.

3. Covering blind spots

Two scenarios spring to mind here: when you’re out driving a country road that twists and turns and a busy hospital setting. Unbreakable mirrors have proven to be the perfect solution for covering any blind spots in locations where accidents could occur. 

You will have noticed when you have been driving down a tight road that you have come across a strategically placed mirror at a sharp bend. It is there for a reason – to help drivers prepare for what could be coming around the corner.

Likewise in hospitals, sometimes the corridors can be clustered with people during peak times and these mirrors help people from potentially bumping into someone else when otherwise it would be unavoidable.

Key takeaway

The one thing each of those three scenarios has in common is the durability that comes with an unbreakable mirror. The fact it is shatterproof gives you peace of mind when you’re putting these mirrors up in locations and settings that expose them to potential accidents but also the unpredictable English weather.

Our stainless steel sheets are finished to the highest standard and can be cut to your exact requirements, no matter the task at hand. We have a wide range of thicknesses, grades, and finishes to suit a variety of applications and environments.

Do you require an unbreakable mirror and think we can help? Call our team on 03447 289 249 or find out more about our stainless steel sheets here.