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Aluminium U Channel

From: £10.13 (exc VAT)

  • Product Code: ACH
  • Unit length: 5000 mm

    Aluminium channels supplied in the 6000 series


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    Aluminium U channel utilises right-angled corners and is supplied in the 6000 series grade. Our aluminium U channels have a wide range of uses, ranging from small-scale DIY to large commercial projects in a range of industries.

    All dimensions are external not internal. Dimensions are in the order base, leg, thickness. The standard length of aluminium channel is approximately 5m.

    Our Aluminium U channels have been expertly sourced to make sure they give you the professional finish you are after. Simply find your ideal size and choose your cut length.

    Aluminium is a popular metal because it has a number of properties which make is incredibly versatile. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly metals you can choose, because it’s 100% recyclable.

    If you’re looking for specific properties, like high strength, or exceptional corrosion resistance then please contact our premium customer service team.