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Aluminium Angle

From: £7.13 (exc VAT)

  • Product Code: AAN
  • Unit length: 5000 mm

    Aluminium angles supplied in the 6000 series


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    As a leading supplier of Aluminium to a range of Industries we can help you find what you need at a competitive price. Our Aluminium angles are supplied in the 6000 series which offers the most versatility commercially. The standard length of aluminium angle is approximately 5m.

    All dimensions are external, not internal.

    We sell aluminium angles that are ideal for use in a number of applications ranging from building staircase railings to windows and other architectural fittings.

    Our customer service is second to none, so we will do our best to meet your needs.

    Simply find your required size and then select your desired length, and that’s it!

    We offer our Aluminium Angle in the 6000 series grade. If you have a specific grade requirement then please contact our customer service team who are ready to help.

    We stock the following specifications:

    • Standard length of 5m
    • Different types of thickness options
    • Plenty of size ranges