Aluminium Tread Plate

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Our selection of aluminium tread plates and checker plates are ideal for a number of applications in many industries, ranging from food processing to manufacturing vehicles and marine equipment.

They are easy to clean and their raised pattern creates an anti-slip effect which lends them well to being used for flooring, stairs and walkways in industrial settings and transportation. They are also popular for cladding and protecting walls, where their decorative panel stands out.

You can choose from a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses. If you’d like a particular size, which we don’t stock as standard, we’ll cut you a plate to your specifications.

Aluminium has a range of qualities which make it incredibly versatile, such as its corrosive resistance. Plus, because it’s easy to recycle aluminium without reducing its quality, it’s an incredibly environmentally friendly material to use.

When you buy from us, you can be sure you are getting a quality product because we only source our supplies from reputable mills. What’s more, we offer incredibly competitive prices too. Contact us today to find out more.