Metal sheeting on shop front and enclosure

Reading this, you probably associate products like stainless steel sheets and aluminium to be used within the manufacturing and construction industry.

And you’d be absolutely right to do so.

While The Metals Warehouse does distribute straight into those industries and the huge scale projects they’re working on, our products are also making a big difference with smaller establishments and individual companies.

And often in a very creative and efficient way. From vehicle cladding to making a homemade firepit and even creating innovative water features, the possibilities have proven endless.

That’s the case over here in Nottingham, too. We very recently took an order from the iconic Royal Concert Hall, which required dull-polished stainless steel sheets to replace the glass displays located in the concourse bars. In recent months, their decorative glass display has become damaged on more than one occasion, leading the Council to seek a more robust and durable solution. 

And The Royal Concert Hall’s Technical Director, Dave Guy, is delighted with the results. He said: “We opted to replace the glass front panels of our public bars with metal to increase their durability in these high-traffic areas. 

“The new panels look fantastic and The Metals Warehouse has been great to work with.  The fact that a local firm was also the most competitively priced has made the project a real win-win.”

Gary Peters said: “It’s always pleasing that the business I have set up can support the local community, in whatever capacity that may be, particularly when it is being used to solve a problem.” 

I have spent most of my life in and out of the city centre. I love Nottingham as a city and whenever an order comes through to us with a Nottingham address, it always excites me.

“Our products have such a vast array of end users that it’s always interesting for us as a business to see how these products are being used.”

Speaking of interesting ways our products are being used, ASAP Water Crafts, a local jet board company, may take the title for the most interesting.

Ross Kemp, the business’ founder, recently made an order from The Metals Warehouse, purchasing sheet aluminium to produce prototype jet board parts.

He told us: “We’re always innovating, building, and testing prototypes to prove our ideas and enhance our jet boards.  

“When developing a new product we like to fail fast. We test ideas quickly to establish as soon as possible whether it is the correct path to take. Then as soon as we see a good result or signs of a successful test we can invest more time and resources into proving the design and developing it to the production level.  

“This means we often need materials and parts quickly to complete a prototype to get us to a stage where we can test it in the water as quickly as possible. The Metals Warehouse provided an excellent local service for exactly the sheet aluminium we needed and in the time we needed it. We are really happy to have found a local go-to supplier for our metals.”