Worker carrying out maintenance tasks

The UK summer shutdown is upon us.

The time when schools up and down the country and manufacturing businesses close their doors. While respite is one of the biggest reasons for shut downs – particularly within education – those few weeks while both sectors close up is for vital maintenance and rejuvenation.

During July and August, maintenance companies and contractors are working diligently to ensure those facilities are back in optimal condition ready for the next academic year or the resumption of full-scale manufacturing operations.

It also means our team at The Metals Warehouse gets pretty busy.

In this article, we reveal what the most popular product orders have been for maintenance companies in the lead-up to the summer shutdown and give our guess at the various different ways our products could be used to solve a solution.

First of all, understanding the summer shutdown period

While we covered it briefly, the summer shutdown refers to a scheduled period when schools and manufacturing settings close their doors temporarily for maintenance, repairs, and overall facility enhancement. 

It is a strategic decision made by educational institutions and manufacturing companies to address wear and tear, carry out essential maintenance work, and ensure a safe and efficient environment.

What areas get the most focus

During the summer shutdown, maintenance companies and management teams focus on areas that have experienced substantial usage or wear throughout the year. 

Whether it’s replacing worn treadplate flooring, protecting walls with durable kick plates, or upgrading kitchen areas with sleek splashbacks and tabletops, the goal is to tackle maintenance tasks that are impractical to perform while operations are in full swing.

The big reveal… what our top four selling products right now

Looking at our data from the past couple of weeks leading into the 2023 summer shutdown, there are four standout products from our custom-cut catalogue that are proving most popular with maintenance teams up and down the country.

These are:

  • Aluminium Treadplate: A popular choice for flooring, steps, and ramps, aluminium treadplate offers durability and slip resistance. It serves as an excellent solution for maintenance teams looking to replace worn flooring or enhance safety in high-traffic areas.
  • Stainless Steel Dull Polish Sheet: With its corrosion-resistant properties and sleek finish, stainless steel dull polish sheets are sought after for various applications. They are often used in kitchen upgrades, countertop replacements, and industrial equipment refurbishments, providing both aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Handrail Tube: Essential for replacing and upgrading railings, handrail tubes made of aluminium or stainless steel offer strength, reliability, and visual appeal. Maintenance teams can easily replace worn-out or damaged railings, ensuring safety and compliance within educational and manufacturing settings.
  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Box Sections: These box sections serve as versatile components for constructing railing systems that prioritise functionality over decorative appeal. Maintenance teams can use them to secure areas and demarcate boundaries within facilities, providing stability and safety.

Can we help you out?

The summer shutdown provides an invaluable opportunity for educational institutions and manufacturing companies to carry out vital maintenance work. 

It allows them to address wear and tear, enhance safety measures, and improve overall facility aesthetics. Sometimes you don’t need a bulk order for the job. Sometimes you just need a specific product that is custom-cut to fulfil a certain job.

If so, that’s exactly what we’re here for.

To explore our wide range of custom-cut metals and discover the perfect solutions for your summer shutdown projects, visit our website today. Our expert team is ready to assist you in achieving maintenance excellence and creating an environment that supports productivity, safety, and long-term success.

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